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All Beings Cherish Life

By Jenny Moxham


This week a young Indian man was cruelly robbed of his life; Fatally stabbed as he walked through a park in West Footscray on his way to work.

The Indian External Affairs Minister has called the brutal stabbing a ''heinous crime", and he is right, of course. There can be no justification or excuse for violently taking the life of an innocent young individual.

Strangely enough, however, most of us take the lives of innocent, young individuals every single day and don't give it a second thought.

For nothing but the taste of bacon for breakfast, chicken for lunch or steak for dinner, we casually rob innocent, young individuals of their lives.

The individuals we kill are, like the man who was murdered, life-loving, intelligent and sensitive beings.

If we can see that it's cruel and unjustifiable to brutally take the life of a young human being, why do so many of us fail to see that it is equally cruel and unjustifiable to brutally take the life of a non-human being?

Perhaps some of you are saying, "But they're only animals".

Well, so what. Aren't we all animals?

One and a half centuries ago when Black Africans were being cruelly enslaved, the excuses given by our forefathers to justify this cruelty were - they are not intelligent like us, we are more important than they are, they have no rights in the law, they are property, they cannot feel pain, they have no souls. Interestingly, many of these excuses are the same ones that people give today to justify their abuse of non-human animals.

The pigs, chickens, sheep and cows whom we kill for their flesh, eggs and milk are not blocks of stone. They scream in pain when they are castrated and have their tails sliced off without anesthetic.

Chicks who have their beaks agonizingly burned off with red hot blades or lasers sometimes die of pain and shock.

Cow mothers, like human mothers, cry for days when their babies are stolen from them.

When they are about to meet their brutal death in the slaughterhouse, every animal is beside itself with terror just as we humans would be in similar circumstances.

We are not worlds apart from these beings whom we so callously and casually imprison, mutilate and brutally kill for food. They have emotions just like us and they want to live every bit as much as we do.

They passionately cling to their lives just as we passionately cling to ours. Why would wild animals run from humans and predators if their lives were unimportant to them?

The lives of their children are precious to them too. Non-human mothers will selflessly endanger their own lives if they feel that the lives of their children are being threatened.

How callous and heartless of us therefore, to snatch away their precious babies and subject them to so much pain and anguish.

Yes, the brutal stabbing of an innocent young Indian man earlier this week was, indeed, a heinous act, but isn't it equally heinous to needlessly rob our innocent fellow beings of their precious lives for something as fickle as taste?