Animal Sacrifice: In The Name of Science

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Animal Sacrifice: In The Name of Science

By Ruth Eisenbud

Animals who evade the human food chain may find themselves in another arena of righteous cruelty, where extreme abuse and deprivation are often the norm. Untold numbers of animals are sacrificed in the name of religion in scientific laboratories. The terminology used by vivisectors when they kill an animal reflects the biblical influence, as the animal is said to be 'sacrificed' . The prolific animal sacrifice of the old testament has now been updated to placate the 'god of science', where funding and grants depend on the continued exploitation of animals. Once again the concept of allowable cruelty to animals, as justified by the concept of dominion, is used to inflict violence and death on animals. No matter that the sacrifice of animals lives in ancient times was not based on cause and effect, but superstition and fear, the same reasoning continues in the scientific realm, where the results are more often than not as ineffective as those of biblical times. Though using an animal model for human illness is flawed and unreliable, as long as animals are viewed as disposable, humans continue to conduct experiements that violate the sanctity and intrinsic worth of animal lives. There is little concern with the end result of their research and a great deal of concern with funding.

The pharmaceutical companies earn billions from potentially toxic medications, with side effects sometimes worse than the condition being treated. Yet their use of animals as experimental subjects is justified as necessary to end human disease. Though the statistics belie their claims of cure, their accounting ledgers indicate the real benefit to man: the amount of wealth accrued.

Once the line has been crossed and animals are used as raw materials for scientific experiments, there is no limit to the gruesome techniques devised by scientists, who have found a legitimate outlet for their sadistic tendencies. Animals are kept alive for years, forced to live in tiny cages, mutilated and restrained for neuroscience experiments, where food and water are withheld so that they will perform for long testing sessions. These cruel experiments go on throughout laboratories in dominion centered nations. The following is one such example:

The victims of scientific experiments at the Wiezman Institute of Israel

Children subjected to medical experiments in Auschwitz.

Though some of the experiments conducted during the holocaust did in fact yield helpful results, the use of humans as experimental subjects was rightly and universally condemned. In contrast the use of animals in equally cruel experiments is condoned, promoted and religiously employed for human benefit, even by those with direct experience of genocide. The use of animals for medical experiments is as horrific as that of humans and is no more justifiable. Despite biblical invocations cruelty is never righteous.

The Indian religion of Jainism understands that subjugating any living being to gruesome, painful and restrained conditions is unjustifiable as necessary, is always gratuitous and not ever righteous:

"One should not injure, subjugate, enslave, torture, or kill any living being including animals...Respect for all living beings is Non-Violence" Jain Acharanga Sutra