Appalling Cruelties at Nation’s Top Egg Producers

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Appalling Cruelties at Nation’s Top Egg Producers

From The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

HSUS undercover investigation exposes suffering

In February and March 2010, an HSUS investigator worked inside four different factory farms, owned by two of the nation's largest egg producers. The scope of suffering that the investigator revealed was staggering.

This is not a matter of a couple of rotten eggs, but rather standard industry practices that are simply rotten. As investigation after investigation has shown, this cruelty is pervasive throughout the entire battery-cage egg industry. It's time for an end to cage confinement of laying hens.

Here's a look inside their operations.

Rose Acre Farms

The HSUS investigator worked at Rose Acre Farms, the country's second-largest egg producer, for 15 days during February, working at three facilities in Winterset, Stuart, and Guthrie Center, Iowa.

These factory farms confine nearly four million laying hens and about one million young hens (pullets). At the Guthrie Center location, battery cages are stacked eight high and hold more than two million birds. At the Stuart and Winterset locations, battery cages are stacked four high.

Our Rose Acre findings:

Rembrandt Enterprises

An HSUS investigator also worked for 10 days during March at a Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc., factory farm in Thompson, Iowa. Rembrandt is the country's third-largest egg producer, and this particular location includes 18 battery cage sheds. With about 300,000 birds per shed, this is a total of nearly 5.5 million laying hens.

Our Rembrandt findings: