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Eating meat on July fourth violates spirit of the day

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Eating meat on July Fourth violates spirit of the day

By Patricia Marks as published on
June 2012

Every year on the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate their independence from Britain. Many do so by dining on the slain bodies of factory farmed animals who have never known freedom or had the opportunity to live out their lives free from deprivation and suffering.

In intensive agribusiness, animals live miserable lives to satisfy the tastes of flesh-eating consumers. As vegetarians, we object to the unnecessary killing of animals for food, but also to the modern methods of raising them by the thousands in huge confinement sheds, which causes severe physical and psychological suffering. The greatest amount of animal cruelty is in this industry.

A meat-centered diet also contributes to world hunger, because the feeding of protein crops to animals is an inefficient use of food resources. There are also the issues of deforestation, heavy water usage, and soil erosion from water run-off.

As Americans become more health conscious, many are taking the advice of contemporary medical professionals and holistic practitioners who advocate cessation of meat consumption and endorse a plant based diet.

Humans can also become immune to antibiotics since the animals are injected to combat the high stress factor of intensive confinement.

Eating barbecued animals on the Fourth of July violates the spirit of the holiday, which celebrates the preservation of life and survival in the face of hardship. Consider the many available and healthy alternatives. Contact