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Florida Dog Racing Cruelty Revealed

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Florida Dog Racing Cruelty Revealed

From GREY2KUSA December 2011

A few moments ago I left a press conference in Tallahassee, where GREY2K USA released a landmark report on greyhound racing in Florida - Greyhound Racing in Florida - December 2011(91-page PDF).

This report is the result of months of research, and is the first-ever comprehensive look at dog racing in the Sunshine state. All data in the report is recent, obtained from official sources, and is specific to Florida. Some of our findings include:

Without question, greyhound racing in Florida is cruel and inhumane and must end. That is why we are working hard to pass a greyhound decoupling bill, a humane proposal that will significantly reduce dog racing in the state.

Please download a copy of our complete Florida report and read it for yourself. Funds are urgently needed to station GREY2K USA representatives in the capitol for the session. We can be the voice the greyhounds so desperately need in Tallahassee this year. So please make a generous donation to our Florida campaign today.

Together, we can help thousands of greyhounds and win the biggest victory ever for Florida greyhounds!