ALV Exposes and Shuts Down Dog Farming Hellhole

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ALV Exposes and Shuts Down Dog Farming Hellhole

From Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV)

ALV's undercover investigation at a Beremboke puppy factory farm received national media coverage setting off a public outcry with Victorian Premier John Brumby even joining the fight to shut it down. ALV's Openrescue team took video footage of breeding dogs trapped in appalling conditions - forced to eat rotten maggot infested meat on a filthy floor and laying in their own excrement. The Geelong Advertiser gave it front page coverage three days in a row (Feb 25th 26th 27th). The Paxton's were taken to VCAT by the Council and forced to remove all but five dogs.

While Premier John Brumby did speak out against the mistreatment of these dogs, he won't go as far as saying that animal protection laws need to be strengthened. However, the fact that many other puppy farms just like this one are allowed to continue operating with the full knowledge of the authorities, simply highlights that the current laws are not sufficient.

We need to let John Brumby know that the public wants an end to this cruelty, that the Beremboke puppy farm is not an isolated incident, in fact thousands of dogs are suffering right now in equally squalid conditions in puppy farms across Victoria and the rest of Australia. Until puppy farms are banned and the sale of animals in pet shops is banned, this will continue to happen.

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