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Help Women--Without Hurting Animals

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By Heather Moore on
October 2009

We don’t have to maim and kill animals in order to save women. Both can live free from suffering if we support humane health charities.

During October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many charities sell pink ribbons and other pink merchandise to raise money for breast cancer research. While the cause is certainly noble, many people don’t realize that the money is often wasted on cruel and irrelevant animal experiments .

In one experiment, researchers allegedly injected mice with cancer cells, so they grew huge tumors. Some mice were “treated” with radiation and infected with modified herpes. Others were jabbed with needles around their eyes, which causes their blood vessels to rupture, so that experimenters could collect their blood. They were killed when their tumors reached a certain size. Rats were also reportedly killed so that their mammary glands could be removed and studied.

One of my best friends is a breast cancer survivor and a passionate animal rights activist. It infuriates her that time and money is spent on such inhumane and ineffective experiments rather than on clinical studies, direct care, community education, and prevention. She doesn’t want any animals tortured in her name. There’s enough suffering in the world without “scientists” inflicting more—and it makes no sense to cause cancer in one sentient being in an attempt to cure cancer in another. All living beings deserve to be treated with empathy and respect.

Fortunately, many modern, cruelty-free charities, including the American Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Action, The Breast Cancer Fund, and the Love/Avon Army of Women know that non-animal methods are the best way to combat cancer. The Love/Avon Army of Women is recruiting women to participate in research that could help eradicate breast cancer—and none of the research participants are harmed either. If you can’t volunteer but still want to support the charity’s work, consider purchasing the “beyond a cure” pendant.

Or, if you want to show your support for breast cancer prevention programs—and your opposition to animal experiments—Keep-A-Breast teamed up with peta2, PETA’s youth division, to produce a raspberry pink “Breasts, Not Animal Tests” tank top.

We don’t have to maim and kill animals in order to save women. Both can live free from suffering if we support humane health charities. Have a happy and humane breast cancer awareness month. Stay well.