Human Crimes Against Animals, Part 21 - Kangaroo Slaughter
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Dave Bernazani

Most westerners aren’t even aware of the government-sponsored mass slaughter of these peaceful marsupials, native wildlife and icons of Australia.

Who’s fighting it: Wildlife Protection Association of Australia, PETA International, AWPC (Australian Wildlife Protection Council), Animals Australia, Viva!


Many years ago, in New South Wales, wildlife caregivers were able to take their more placid wild animals to school to educate the children. They were able to show their joeys in public to rise awareness. But, a few years back the rules and regulations regarding wildlife caring changed dramatically for the worst.

The Australian TV Series Skippy was banned, so that the audience would not fall in love with their favorite innocent Icon Skippy and develop the so called “Skippy Syndrome.” Thanks to the Government and its anti kangaroo laws and regulations, our Icon Skippy turned overnight into a fugitive and became the most harassed, despised, hated and hunted animal in the history of mankind. The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service changed their Wildlife laws and regulations and carers are no longer allowed to visit schools or show their joeys in public. Nor are we allowed to take them on long shopping trips. This is especially hard if we have to drive long distances to do our shopping and our joey needs 3 hourly feeding.

Australia has experienced the worst ever drought in human settlement and our remaining surviving kangaroos are still hunted down and mercilessly killed by kangaroo shooters, especially the big males and females because they bring the highest economic returns of profits to the industry for the leather sold to ADIDAS, the world largest predator of kangaroos; hence the Predator Football Boot worn by David Beckham. With help from the Multinational giant manufacturer Adidas, things have never been worse for the remaining healthy kangaroos, those animals that are vital for the survival of the future generation.

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