Human-Based "Military Training" Methods

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Human-Based "Military Training" Methods

[Ed. Note: Ask Congress to End the Military's War on Animals, Support H.R. 4269, the BEST Practices Act - Action Alert 10/7/10.]

From Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Because widely validated and accepted nonanimal alternatives for chemical casualty management and combat trauma training courses exist, there is no justification for the use of live animals for these training purposes.

Chemical Casualty Management Training

Superior nonanimal, human-based training methods exist that could immediately replace the use of vervet monkeys in the U.S. Army’s “Chemical Casualty Resuscitation Practical Exercise.”

Combat Trauma Training

At least three different approaches to combat trauma training are necessary because different types of skills and levels of knowledge are required of three distinct groups. In each case, human-based training methods could replace the use of goats and pigs.