Human Crimes Against Animals, Part 12 - Street Dog Slaughter/Culling
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Dave Bernazani

(Many Middle East, Eastern Europe & Asian countries)– Countries with poor animal control periodically sweep cities of dogs and dispose of them in horrible ways, like in garbage trucks or beating to death.

street dogs

Many of these governments have been advised that there are better ways of dealing with street dog populations, but choose to ignore the facts. It has been amply demonstrated in hundreds of cities around the world that a good spay/neuter/release program is not only humane but the only effective method of controlling the dog numbers.

street dogs

Many local SPCA’s and welfare organizations are trying to convince their local city and country councils of this, but some officials are corrupt and they award the contracts to friends and relatives. As usual, money is involved in this form of cruelty like all others. Other officials are simply too closed-minded to accept new and humane methods of animal control.

I just recently learned that thousands of dogs and cats are poisoned in Greece, on the otherwise beautiful Aegean islands, known for its tourist industry. This program is carefully timed to occur in winter, when the tourists are gone, and even includes putting broken glass in food to kill the stray animals, resulting in horribly painful deaths. And of course many owned pets are killed as well by these methods (not that it makes any difference, of course.)

Who’s fighting it: WSPA, Romania Animal Rescue, AAPN (AsianAnimal Protection Network), PETA International, EnviroWatch, Elly Maynard, Best Friends,, ALF, Political Animal Lobby, PAWS (Phillipines Animal Welfare Society), IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), Animals Asia,, Noah’s Ark Malaysia, Vier Pfoten (Four Paws- Austria), St. Fransisc Foundation (Sibiu, Romania), Animal Life Romania, and countless other sanctuaries, shelters, humane societies and kind people.

Recent progress: The St. Francis foundation in Romania has persuaded the town of Sibiu to outlaw the culls there, and instead has initiated a spay/neuter/release program that is currently highly successful. They hope to serve as a model for other Romanian towns and cities.

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