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Could the Hunting Ban in the UK be Repealed?

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Could the Hunting Ban in the UK be Repealed?

From League Against Cruel Sports
January 2012

You may already be aware that the Prime Minister, David Cameron appeared on the BBC1 programme "Countryfile" recently and reaffirmed his commitment to hold a free vote on the issue of repealing the Hunting Act. This would bring back the hunting of foxes, deer, hare and mink and bring back hare coursing. He said this about his views on the Hunting Act:

I always thought the hunting ban was a pretty bizarre piece of legislation, I think there should be a free vote in the House of Commons, I think that the House of Commons should make its mind up about this. My problem has always been that it was just taking the criminal law into an area of activity where it didn't really belong.

We have known that the Coalition Government would like to hold a free vote on repeal and following the Prime Minister's comments the situation is now very immediate.

The League's Keep Cruelty History campaign needs to be ready for when a vote is called. We may have only a few weeks to act so we need to be prepared NOW.

But to do all this we need your help to fund it. Please consider donating to our Keep Cruelty History campaign to ensure we don't take a giant step backwards for animal welfare.