Cruel and Bizarre Live Fish and Turtle Key Chains

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Cruel and Bizarre Live Fish and Turtle Key Chains

[Ed. Note: And yet one more way to abuse animals for profit. Asian animal activists are looking at how to make these "products" illegal.]

From Nature-Friendly Living
July 2011

Seriously WHY?! This is a genius idea that could only come from one part of the world. Chinese vendors are selling live fish and turtles in a sealed baggy as key chains.

According to a news report on Chinese media, the hottest new fad in China involves selling a live fish, or a Brazilian turtle or a young giant salamander sealed up in airtight plastic bags as key rings. Each packet is about 7 centimeters in length and filled with colored water along with the imprisoned animal. The street vendors claim the water is nutrient rich, but they are not. Without oxygen and food the animals get to live for only a few days, if they are lucky. The most depressing part is that the whole thing is legal.


However, no need to worry as rumor has it that nothing goes to waste – the cadavers are heated in the microwave for 15 seconds and eaten while enjoying an ice cold beer.

These adorable little gifts, which are typically sold at subway and train stations, are protected by law and, according to said law, are not considered animal abuse.

Animal protection groups are advocating an immediate ban, calling the item an example of “pure animal abuse.”