Killing the Messenger While Killing the Animals

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Killing the Messenger While Killing the Animals

[Ed. Note: Seeing images and videos of how animals are abused to "create food for humans" is why most people we know are now vegan! It is VITAL to share images and videos (in other words, the "realities") to EVERYONE in your life. It may take once or twice or 300 times, but sooner or later, most people get it and change their lives...and in the process save animals. Send links to our Video Library to everyone you know!]

From The Grumpy Vegan
May 2011

Businesses making a living from killing animals for some people to eat as food also want to kill the messenger for persisting in exposing what they do. These extremely cruel acts, and their institutionalised exploitation of animals, which are accusingly blamed on the consumer for their consumption of dead animal body parts to eat, is, ironically, the very acts these businesses don’t want the consumer to see. That’s why, in the US, they’re taking steps to make illegal the actions of brave animal rights people from going undercover to document and publicise what these businesses do.

The most recent example from the outstanding Mercy for Animals is so outrageous that the Grumpy Vegan decided not to post the video here. The Wall Street Journal comments that ‘The video helped to push June futures down 1.3% to $1.1565 a pound after the contract hit a two-week high earlier in the trading day.’ The video helped to push the Grumpy Vegan into despair. Also worth reading is this article from The New York Times (States Look to Ban Efforts to Reveal Farm Abuse -

Talk about agribusiness in bed with elected representatives conspiring to kill the messenger just because they don’t like the truth being told about what they do.

Nevertheless, some of the legislators efforts to censor critics have come to nothing.