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Big News! More than 100 Chimpanzees Going to Sanctuary

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Big News! More than 100 Chimpanzees Going to Sanctuary

[Ed. Note: Please also see Research chimps to go to retirement home and Proposed home for 100 chimpanzees has long record of primate fatalities, escapes and federal fines; Watchdog group calls on NIH to use sanctuary.]

From Physicians Committee for Responible Medicine (PCRM)
December 2012

After months of work by PCRM, its supporters, and other groups, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced today that more than 100 chimpanzees who were once going to be transferred to a research facility in Texas will now be sent to a sanctuary!

In September, we told you that NIH was planning to move just 10 to 20 of the 100-plus chimpanzees it deemed “ineligible for research” to the sanctuary in Louisiana. The rest were to be sent to a research facility with a track record of animal welfare violations, some of which recently resulted in a $25,000 fine. Of course, that was completely unacceptable.

In response, we asked you to contact NIH. PCRM’s research policy specialist Noelle Callahan and I flew to Louisiana. We enlisted the help of members of Congress to make sure that all of the chimpanzees—not just a few of them—were permanently retired to the sanctuary.

The result: Over the next 12 to 15 months all of the 100-plus chimpanzees will be transferred from the New Iberia Research Center to Chimp Haven, the federal sanctuary. At their new home, the chimpanzees will have space to explore. They will be able to climb trees. And best of all, they will be free of use in invasive experiments.

Thank you for all the help you lent to this and all our other lifesaving campaigns. We have achieved this success because of supporters like you, and we look forward to celebrating many more victories with you in the future.