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East Carolina University (ECU) has ended its use of live ferrets

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East Carolina University (ECU) has ended its use of live ferrets

From Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
August 2012

We’ve had a lot of good news for animals lately, and I hope you never tire of hearing more. We just learned that East Carolina University (ECU) has ended its use of live ferrets to train pediatrics residents how intubate human babies!

This news makes five victories in five weeks! ECU joins Albert Einstein Medical Center, Vanderbilt University, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston in ending animal use over a five-week span. All of these programs now join the 97 percent of pediatrics residencies that rely on superior, cruelty-free, human-based simulators to train physicians.

These victories for animals and people were made possible by the groundwork laid by PCRM staff members, most notably Dr. John Pippin, Greg Mazur, and Ryan Merkley, and the engagement of our supporters who signed petitions, made phone calls, and provided the financial support to keep our campaigns moving forward.

Today, I hope you’ll make a gift of $20 or more so we can expand our efforts to five other pediatrics training programs, including those at the University of Virginia, and support all our other lifesaving work.

PCRM is leading the fight to protect the cats and ferrets in pediatrics residency programs, pigs in core medical school curricula, and other animals used in research and education, as well as promoting preventive medicine through lifesaving nutrition.

Those of us who know about the pain these animals experience over and over and over again must do something.

Your generous contribution today will help PCRM save animals from suffering and death and support all our programs that help save the lives of both animals and people.

Thank you for advancing our cause to protect animals and people from bad science and unethical practices. We couldn’t do it without you!