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Selling the Disconnect:
Whole Foods Market’s Ham Promotion

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Selling the Disconnect:
Whole Foods Market’s Ham Promotion

From Free From Harm
December 2012

The latest Whole Foods Market meat promotion deceptively shifts the burden of truth onto its consumers, the majority of which are already grossly-misinformed about the facts behind animal agriculture.

Our standards are your standards, it claims.

humane farm whole foods

The truth is the majority of WFM customers are urbanites who have little or no contact whatsoever with farmed animals and therefore would have no idea what these animals’ needs, desires and interests would be. The cartoonish portrayal of faceless yet happy pigs on pasture further reinforces this “comfortably unaware” disconnect between the meat eating consumer and the reality of the animal.

Even for WFM, the truth doesn’t sell meat, so it gets hidden behind meaningless marketing facades like this one. If you want to learn the truth about animals in agriculture, visit a sanctuary or watch the videos they produce about the animals they saved from the industry. They have nothing to sell you but the hope for a future when animals will be spared the doomed fate of becoming a commodity.