Partial List of Misleading Results from Animal Testing

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Partial List of Misleading Results from Animal Testing

From People for Reason and Science in Medicine (PRISM)

Documented examples of failures, fatalities, misleading results, mistakes, and missed opportunities which have occurred through our acceptance of vivisection.

Dr. Robert Sharpe was a Senior Research Chemist at the prestigious Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London when he found himself at odds with colleagues who tested his chemicals on animals. He resigned his position and began to investigate, what until then he had taken for granted, that animal experiments were vital for medical progress.

The facts proved disturbing and posed fundamental questions about the use of animals. For how could a method that produced such conflicting results be so vital to our health?

Dr. Robert Sharpe presents a powerful body of evidence documenting the failures, misleading results and missed opportunities of animal research. Is our acceptance of vivisection the biggest medical error in human history?

The suffering is real, and so it seems are the mistakes.

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