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UK Beagle Factory Farm Proposal Turned Down

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UK Beagle Factory Farm Proposal Turned Down

[Ed. Note: Watch Beagles Rescued from Lab.]

From Uncaged
January 2012

January 26, the Minister for Communities Eric Pickles has announced he has rejected B&K Universal’s application to build a breeding facility intended to supply thousands of beagles to the animal experimentation industry. Uncaged together with other animal protection groups and our supporters had lodged thousands of objections to the plans.

B&K had appealed against the local council’s refusal of their application last year, but Minister Pickles has accepted the Planning Inspector’s conclusions that the proposal would damage adjacent listed buildings and adversely affect local residents.

Uncaged had also objected on the grounds that the plan to keep dogs permanently indoors would breach the new EU Directive on animal experimentation, and that the plans should be rejected as they must be consistent with other legislation. However, this was not directly taken into account by the Inspector. We are therefore concerned that the Government does not intend to implement the EU law requiring dogs to have access to outside runs, and are seeking answers from Home Office on this.

Although there is a possibility that B&K may lodge a further appeal to the High Court or submit a new, amended application, this is still a critical victory for decency and compassion. Hopefully they will get the message and make efforts to move away from animal experimentation rather than entrench it.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the campaign to block this terrible project.