Vegans Don't Eat Eggs. Period.

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Vegans Don't Eat Eggs. Period.

[Ed. Note: agrees that if you say you're vegan, you're NOT eating eggs. Period. For more information about the "urban chicken" or "backyard chicken" movement, please read Backyard Chicken Flocks...Is It Really a Good Idea? and Collective Position Statement on Backyard Poultry.]

From VegBlogger
April 2011

This week [4/10/11] I left an online vegetarian parenting group that I had been a part of for probably six and a half years. I joined it when my daughter was born. Over the years I have found the group quite frustrating at times, because many of the same issues come up time and again and you would think the people in the group would "get it" but they don't.

The final straw this time was the discussion of vegans eating eggs. Someone posted saying they are a vegan family, but they eat the eggs from their backyard chickens. Ugh.

Sorry folks, but even if you eat eggs from your own backyard chickens you are not a vegan family. They argued that there is nothing wrong with eating them (or calling themselves vegan doing so). This is because they say the chickens are treated well. Oddly enough, the "vegan family" got lots of support from other members in calling themselves vegan and in eating the eggs.

Here are my concerns:

  1. If you are going to eat eggs, call yourself a vegetarian, not a vegan. Eating eggs is not ever part of veganism. The public is confused enough about what vegetarians and vegans eat, we don't need more confusion.
  2. While she seemed to believe that her kids would only eat those eggs, I believe it will give her children an appetite for eggs. And where do you draw the line in calling yourself a vegan - you can eat your eggs, what about your neighbors? What about the neighbor who has a cow or goat, would it be okay to drink the milk?
  3. What this "vegan family" is teaching their kids is that animals are indeed a food source and as long as the conditions are favorable (in their opinion), then it is okay to use them or their bodily secretions as they see fit.
  4. There is a major gross factor in eating the ovarian waste from another animal. Maybe I'm the weird one here, but it is disgusting to eat another animal's ovum. Beyond the gross factor, eggs are not healthy. They are little cholesterol bombs, containing 212 milligrams of cholesterol per egg. Yikes!
  5. Their were arguments about the eggs not being fertilized. To that, I say read the first four points above.

Anyway, you get the idea...

So after years of being in that group, I left it because of this issue.