Live Green in Green Architecture

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Live Green in Green Architecture

I am a 49 years old professor in architecture. Though I was not a true meat lover, my first 47 years life was rendered by eating various meats, from most common meats (such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, pigeon, venison, lamb) to the less common ones (such as meat of dog, snail, snake, horse, …). I remember my grandmother made a very delicious chilly sauce from ground grasshoppers!!!

Two years ago, on valentine day, my friend gave me a thin booklet. It is written in its cover “Love”. Overwhelmed by jobs and deadlines, I reluctantly browsed and read it. On the last page there are many websites addresses. I did not know for sure why I wasted my time opening one of them: Christian Vegetarian Association’s website.

That night I could not sleep well. My mind was wondering: I am a professor with First Class Honors stamped on my certificate … but actually I have been foolish … ignorant … in particular to those which do not speak human language … animals.

The following morning I woke up and told my wife straightaway: I am vegetarian now. She was not showing any over-reaction, instead she prepared for me fruits, rice, fried tofu and tempeh and, of course, chilly sauce. I think it was the best breakfast in my life.

You can guess where this story is heading to… Yes, I am a vegetarian activist (by accident?) now. I have talked at seminars, in front of many people (as little as 100 to more than 800 people) with various backgrounds (Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, public servants, students, lecturers, etc.). From CVA’s website I went to other links and found useful material such as A Sacred Duty and Earthlings. Those two movies are powerful and heartbreaking.

Sometimes I speak softly and gently. But, in other time, I speak harshly so that the vice rector for academic affair openly warns me not to become a fundamentalist. Some architecture students respond wisely by establishing Green Club. They have worked hard by fundraising, making seminar, and setting up weekly meeting. They make plan to spread the message of love to high schools etc. I would say that these young people have motivated me to keep my spirit high. They introduce something new for me and, hopefully, for other architects: Live Green in Green Architecture. Live green means live without harming the environment, including non-violent living. What a great idea of young people.

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