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Lake Ladoga and Horse Stone Chapel

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Lake Ladoga and Horse Stone Chapel

Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

Dear friends

I have visited Valaam and Konevets on Lake Ladoga and I am staying in St. Petersburg now.  I have been many times to Valaam, but it was my first visit to Konevets.

Konevets isle is famous for the icon of Our Lady of Konevets (of the Dove) delivered from Holy Mount Athos in 1339. On the icon Baby Jesus is holding white dove on the red thread (perhaps. some Old Testament priestly symbolism).

Other important attraction of Konevets is Kon'-Kamen' (Horse Stone) - certainly former pagan god with small Orthodox chapel built on it. Many pious Russian and Finnish Christians enjoy visiting Horse Stone - and me too, see photos.


Lake Ladoga - 01

Lake Ladoga - 02

Horse Rock Chapel - 01

Horse Rock Chapel - 02

Horse Rock Chapel - 03