13,200 Pigs

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13,200 Pigs Are Slaughtered Per Hour

13,200 Pigs

(01:31) Animated visual demonstrating the reality of over 13,200 pigs who are slaughtered every hour just in the U.S. alone.

13,200 x 24 hours = 316,800 each day
316,800 x 7 days = 2,217,600 each week
2,217,600 x 4.33 weeks  = 9,602,208 each month
9,602,208 x 12 months = 115,226,490 per year

Pigs lead complex social lives that behaviorists once believed to be true only of primates.

Mother pigs sing to their piglets while they are nursing. Pigs dream. Pigs are intelligent, beautiful creatures.

And, surprise, yet again, the way to end these atrocities? Go vegan!