Dustbathing...Heaven for "Spent" Hens

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Dustbathing...Heaven for "Spent" Hens

Dustbathing...Heaven for "Spent" Hens

(0:40) Called "spent" hens because they are no longer producing enough eggs, most are slaughtered and turned into chicken broth. These hens were rescued from that fate. And even though they have lived as caged laying hens for over a year, the first thing the rescued hens do is dustbathe. How happy they are...instinct rules!

During the early morning hours of July 14, 2010, twenty-two "spent" hens arrived at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. Our friends at Animal Place rescued two hundred hens from a California egg farm in June. We stepped in to provide a retirement home for a group of the aging birds. Many of the hens are recovering from leg injuries sustained during farm egg production. Today, the newly-rescued hens are enjoying dust baths under the warm summer sunlight.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary was formed to aid homeless and abused domestic and farmed animals in the San Francisco Bay Area and the San Joaquin valley. We assist local humane societies and rescue groups with animals-primarily farmed animals-who, due to their breed, their health, or their personality, cannot be adopted into permanent homes.

Our mission is to provide life-long care for these animals, and to educate the public about humane animal care and practices. We rehabilitate, both physically and psychologically, mistreated animals and, if possible, we will find appropriate homes for them. In an effort to prevent further cruelty to these animals, we educate the public on caring for companion animals as well as on issues concerning farmed animals.