Toro Jubilo

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Toro Jubilo

Toro Jubilo

(02:36) The fiesta of the Toro Jubilo takes places in Medinaceli, Soria, Spain every November. A bull is brutally harassed and tied down to have fire attached to its horns and is then released in the square to be taunted and abused by the villagers. The bulls suffer terror and physical pain... obviously.

For more information about similar atrocities and how to help end them, visit Fight Against Cruelty in Europe - FAACE who produced this video from the November 2010 "festival."

FAACE has filmed and photographed a number of these horrible events. There is a growing international campaign against this particular event, which has been declared by the Spanish Government to be of cultural and the importance to tourism. This makes it very difficult to fight.

There are approximately 2,000 Toros Embolado (firebulls) in the Valencia region of Spain, which is one of the main areas for them. Many regions of Spain do not allow them, as they do not have a history of firebull fiestas.