Volunteers to Vegans

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Volunteers to Vegans

From Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
January 2010

Vegetarian communal living is a part of the Jungle Friends experience for interns and volunteers from around the world. As part of the sanctuary culture, people are encouraged to adopt a vegan lifestyle, to have compassion for all of the Earth's remarkable inhabitants, and to join us in hope that these individual acts of kindness across species will one day reach the critical mass or "tipping point" needed to transform the world.

Jungle Friends' "Volunteers to Vegans" initiative combines our primary mission to help primates with our passion to promote a compassionate vegan lifestyle.

When volunteer groups come to the sanctuary, we reward their hard work with a scrumptious vegan meal. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce non-vegetarians to the delicious world of vegan food and provides a great forum to discuss the many aspects of veganism and to promote a more compassionate lifestyle.