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Hunter Threatens Governor Corzine's Life

From Stuart Chaifetz - Director, Animal Protection PAC 

Dear friends,

As you are aware from my previous emails, I often read the website This is where I found the brutal videos of the United Bowhunters of NJ killing pheasants, as well as personal stories of hunters wounding and crippling animals.

When the news hit Friday that Governor Corzine was going to shut down the bear hunt, the hunters went wild with anger. Most of what they wrote was juvenile name calling against the Governor, what you might expect to hear from second graders on a school playground.

One hunter, however, was so filled with rage, so angry that he would not be able to kill a bear, that he went far beyond name calling and said someone should kill Governor Corzine. This is what he wrote:

"maybe someone should hunt his dumb a$$"

When I considered how out of control many of these hunters are, and the fact that they are both armed and ready to kill, I knew this was not to be taken lightly. I immediately contacted the NJ State Police, walked them through to the site and made sure they knew what was going on.

A few minutes later the threat was removed. Whether this was from the State Police or someone on the site who realized how damaging the quote was, I do not know. Fortunately I saved an archive of the page, so I have the threat in it's original form.

In the coming weeks you will hear hunters yell and scream about how dangerous bears are - even though bears haven't hurt anyone. We know where the real danger lies - and now we have the written evidence to prove it.

Let's make sure that the public knows the worth of these vicious thugs and how they resort to threats of violence when they do not get their way.

Stuart Chaifetz
Director, Animal Protection PAC
[email protected] 

*If you want a copy of the original page and quote, email me and I will send it to you.

See article:  NJ Governor Jon Corzine stops annual bear hunt  


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