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Since the prehistoric origins of human culture thousands of years ago, when humans still lived in harmony with God's creation, bears have been a fellow creature admired, loved, empathized, mysticized, spiritualized, deified, anthropomorphized, revered and worshipped as kin and supernatural being that shared the Earth with man. Many ancient cultures, from the native Americans to ancient Europeans felt some form of reverence or kinship with the great bear.

But unfortunately, in more recent history, as man gradually changed his way of living from a hunter-gatherer in harmony with nature to a sedentary agrarian farmer and city dweller that saw nature as an enemy, bears have been feared, hated, denigrated, maligned, exploited, desecrated, persecuted and massacred by humans to get them out of the way of our sprawling civilization or even merely for taking sick pleasure in their endless suffering and death.

And sadly, many modern humans, especially those in Western "civilization" have grown to denigrate and subordinate bears and all of nature as a force below man, an evil, wild, savage force that man must "civilize" and "tame".

With the rise of Western "civilization", bears have been slaughtered in all lands to the point where entire species, subspecies and populations of their kind have been wiped from the earth forever, and so much of the bear spirit's rightful place on Earth has been ravaged and desolated. The bear species and populations that remain to this day are much smaller than they once were, and far removed from much of their former territorial range, and their remaining habitats are becoming more despoiled and fragmented, and are still shrinking at a steady rate. Sport hunting and other human-related causes have become almost the sole cause of early death for almost all bears, and in most populations a bear will never get to live a full life or experience their natural average lifespan of up to 30 years.

For the past 4,000 years, accompanying the rise and fall of numerous great civilizations, Eurasian man’s relationship with bears and with all of nature has only been cruel and destructive. There is no justice or reasoning for Eurasian man’s wanton destruction of a once paradisiacal pristine Earth and for his ungratefulness to God for the honor of living among such wondrous creatures on such a rare and beautiful oasis of a planet.

It can only reasoned his mindset is, in every sense of the word, insane. And man's current insanity could easily be his very undoing along with the undoing of every good thing that God hath made on this Earth if man does not grow up and learn to respect God and his wondrous natural creation.

But there is much hope. Where bears still remain, countless people and organizations are today working hard to educate people to understand, appreciate and respect the bears they share their lands with, and important steps are being made in many areas to both save bears from extinction and liberate them from man's cruelty. Misleading myths and baseless fears people have of bears is being broken down as people see the truth and begin to gain a respect and admiration for these remarkably intelligent and magnificent mammals.

The future of bears and the grand majesty of nature that they represent is in our hands.

If humanity can learn to mature and advance, and be cured of its insanity and lose its enmity towards God and his natural creation, all life will be blessed, including ours.

We must learn to abandon the egocentric manifest mindset of our shameful forefathers that hated and denigrated God's creation, and learn to renew the love and spiritual kinship of our superior, ancient ancestors that loved and revered bears, mother nature, and all things under God.

Can we renew our ancient kinship with bears?


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