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James Dobson, Bear Killer

Comments in response to James Dobson, bear murderer

From a variety of people, many of them Christian, with a love
for all of God's creation:

That poor, hapless bear that this "man of God" murdered in cold blood without a shred of guilt or shame was brought into the world and given a soul, a heart and a life by the same great loving God that James Dobson claims to love, perhaps the true hypocrisy of such a man is perhaps best summed up in this quote by Joseph Wood Krutch:

"When a man destroys a work of man, he is called a vandal. When a man destroys a work of God, he is called a sportsman".

One wonders what purpose God intended in this bear's life, how many times God helped this bear through times of struggle and celebrated with him in times of joy, only for his wonderful life to be cut short by some scumbag, it is only all the worse that this scumbag happened to be a devout, self-proclaimed steward of God. Only divine judgment will determine where this man's loyalties truly lie.

~Anonymous, NM

Upsetting to hear. I don't care if that guy calls himself a 'Christian', or how big his evangelical evil empire is, I doubt James Dobson will ever meet Jesus. What a disgrace. Truly a false prophet. Someday he will have to meet that bear again, and I wonder what he'll say when he has to explain why he believed God was so wrong in giving that bear a life on Earth, and why he saw need in cutting it short. And I'd like to see what the bear does when he tries to step an inch closer to the pearly gates it's guarding.

All I can say is, don't be discouraged or upset by abominations such as this. I know I sure have already spent enough of my time brooding on my anger at horrible stories like this, when I could be using that time and passion for doing more positive helpful things for animals.

Keep your spirits strong, keep on fighting for those that can't speak for themselves in whatever way you can and leave the rest up to God. One day we will all account for our actions on this Earth and no one will escape his justice. I pray that poor bear can forgive that wretch for his abhorrent crime and be at peace where he is now. It is evil "Christian" heathens like him and others, some of which preached their despicable agendas at the very churches I once attended, that inspired me to abandon mainstream Christianity.

~Anonymous, TX

1 Corinthians 13:1
"If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal."

Clank, Clank, Clank!!

I also am a Christian or was until I heard about what Dobson did, for many years.

We use to listen to this "man of God" almost every weeknight for years, and years. I now can say that all the time I wasted listening to this self righteous, jerk was a huge waste of time. All those years that I use to listen to this blood thirsty animal killing moron were the years that I had spent praying asking God for wisdom for God to help me to help save bears from stupid, jerks like him.

Did "brother Dobson" have a permit? He just happened to have his gun as this poor bear walked by?

Dobson has no clue, care, nor concern to the fact that it is humans who most likely attracted this poor bear to walk within a close range in the first place.

Praise God, hey?

Brother Dobson and those that believe his un-Christ-like agenda are to be pitied.

May God save the bears!!!!!!

~Paul, AZ

Frustrating doesn’t even begin to tell you how I feel about these people. I cry over every single bear that dies and I remember every single one. I see them in my mind and remember the funny things they did etc. And my heart aches for them. It seems so wimpy of me, but they are my friends and deserve a life as much as anyone and anything else. I hate the excuse people give “there’s lots of bears”. Oh ya’ well there’s lots of people. Shall we shoot you? How would YOU feel about that?

Dobson- Mr. Family man- Mr. I’m a Christian man- you know what? When he meets his maker he will face justice. These animals are important to God and he is more upset about their senseless killing than we are.

God lets everyone make their choices and he has told us in the scriptures that we will answer for our choices. That plus I know that these bears have spirits and go on living in another place. Where and how that works I have no idea but I do know they have spirits. It makes me furious when people who claim to be wonderful Christians take advantage of the very creatures God put here for us to ENJOY and enrich our lives.

~Louise, B.C.


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