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From Brenden - 17 Mar 2008

RE: video of child killing a bear

...I am not insisting that everyone watch it; I myself cannot bear to watch any of these videos anymore and immediately pause them when they begin playing; I only want us to be aware of it and its content. It shows a ten-year old boy gunning down a bear.

This horrid video, like many others on youtube, shows the hypocrisy of our society's values, our written laws, and of youtube's policies. A child brutally killing a dog or cat would be taken into therapy and his parents penalized. but when he does it to a bear he's praised. I understand the reason for the widespread acceptance for this illogical hypocrisy but needless to say the injustice of it infuriates me. Bears are far more intelligent than dogs and cats and at least deserve equal moral grounds for consideration of their suffering.

....but if enough people flag it, give it a 1 star rating, click the thumbs down link on every evil supportive comment, youtube will take notice and likely remove the video.

This method of protesting these horrible videos is so effective hunters have taken notice and posted videos such as this one in angry spite of it. 

Here is the channel of Glazlad, a youtube user who actively protests animal abuse videos on youtube. 

...and once again; here is my own site for protest against zoosadist media; Stop the Gratuitous Cruelty. 

Anyone interested in learning more about the issue and helping out in fighting this evil let me know.



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