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Friday, March 21, 2008

To the Editor:

In response to Bob Guinter's letter, he sure has a case of open mouth, insert foot disease. He criticizes my opinion and paints me as misguided. Does one need significant experience, as he opined, to respect and enjoy wildlife? I think not.

My grandfather was a farmer in Sussex County. I lived there for 26 years before moving to Morris county. Being exposed to wildlife in the woods is the purest way for a child to grow up. I have traveled all over Africa on three separate occasions and visited virtually every Central American country in my pursuit to enjoy wildlife. Last spring, my husband and I enrolled in a field study course to track radio collared black bears with Dr. Lynn Rodgers of the North American Black Bear Institute in Ely, Minnesota.

Rodgers is recognized by many, including National Geographic, as one of the foremost black bear experts in the U.S. My observations come from experience that I can document and my knowledge of expert resources. Obviously, he cannot say the same. He fails to support any of his ridiculous accusations.

His pro-hunting stance is bolstered by fear tactics, ignorance and baseless condemnations of other opinions. And where are those mythical black bears that he claims hunt people? In his dreams, perhaps?



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