God Does Not Eat Meat By Arthur Poletti
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Chapter Six: Great Companions, Wonderful Helpers



Brad now realized that the nightmares were not going to go away. He had to develop a mental toughness to deal with the anguish associated with his project. Before he began the next formal presentation, he decided to read a passage to his classmates from his reference material that he hoped would give him a chance to clear his mind of the horrors from the previous night’s dream.

“Good morning. Before I begin my talk today, let me read to you one of my favorite Hindu passages.

“What is the good way? It is the path that reflects on how it may avoid killing any living creature. Refrain from taking precious life from any living being.

“Thank you now let me begin today’s presentation.

“Because of animals the lives of handicapped people have greatly improved.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted in 1990, increased the training of service animals, mostly dogs, to help the disabled. The continuous success that has continued of many animal training organizations and individuals has made it obvious that animals can perform amazing services for handicapped people.

“These animals are allowed to join and assist their owners in buses, taxicabs, and trains, and to doctors’ offices, stores, work, and just about every other place the general public is welcome. They are able to perform many tasks. A service animal can carry and pick up items, guide a person with impaired vision, or alert a person with impaired hearing to the presence of people, the smell of smoke, or the sound of a fire alarm or telephone.

“New and expanded programs of animals helping people began after legislation was sent to and passed by congress in October of 2008.

“Since 2010 several thousand licensed training schools that specialize in service animal care have been developed in the United States and around the world, supported by large financial subsidies from the federal government, plus donations from corporations and private individuals.

These multipurpose schools now offer every level of affordable assistance to needy individuals.

“Now in 2065, millions of service animals worldwide assist and care for handicapped people, and give that special love and devotion so many handicapped people rely on and appreciate immensely.

“For handicapped senior citizens, Medicare expanded benefit coverage pays for most expenses related to specialized assistance animal training that is provided by licensed schools or individuals.

“To obtain and maintain a license, schools and individuals who train or handle animals must sign a pledge of kindness agreement that outlines how all animals must be treated. Violations of treatment standards can result in a loss of license plus substantial fines or imprisonment, depending on the offense. “

“Animals should be treated with kindness at all times. Although a service animal must be skillful and consistent, how you accomplish that goal is significant. Animals need to be constantly rewarded with praise, food treats, given free time to lounge and play, and take leisure walks with their handlers often.

“In order to develop relationships that provide meaningful, health-enhancing, social support, a person must first meet other people. Studies beginning back in 1991 have confirmed that dogs and cats expose their owners to healthy encounters with strangers, facilitate interaction among individuals previously unacquainted, and help establish trust among the newly acquainted. Animals often become the antidote for human anonymity and have helped people build friendships.

“Thank you for listening to me today. Tomorrow, the subject of my final presentation will be Disease, Cruelty, and Death to Animals Prior to 2008.”

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