God Does Not Eat Meat
By Arthur Poletti
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God Does Not Eat Meat


Thank you to Pamela Rice, founder of the Vegetarian Center of NYC for permission to use (parts of) 22 reasons from her 101 Reasons Why Im A Vegetarian.

Pamela can be contacted at:
Pamela Rice
P.O. Box 294
Prince Street Station
New York, NY 10012-0005
E-mail pamela@vivavegie.org 

Thanks to Hinduism Today, http://hinduismtoday.com , for allowing me to use parts of How To Win An Argument With A Meat Eater.

For information contact:
Sannyasin Arumugaswami
Managing Editor
Hinduism Today
107 Kaholalele Road
Kapaa, Hawaii 96746 USA
Phone 808-822-7032, ext.227
Fax 808-822-4351

Thanks to Chinmaya Publications, www.chinmayapublications.org for allowing me to use parts of The Journey Called Life: The Light of Wisdom: and The Vision of Life

For information contact:
Swami Siddhananda
560 Bridgetowne Pike
Langhorne, Pa 19053
Phone: 215-396-0390
Fax: 215-396-9710

Thanks to Neal D. Barnard, M.D. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for allowing me to use one of his famous quotations.

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The author obtained Copyright Certificate of Registration March 23, 2004

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