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Heart Healthy Pizza

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Heart Healthy Pizza
Over 100 Plant-based Recipes for the Most Nutritious Pizza in the World 

By Mark Sutton
Reviewed by Frank and Mary Hoffman

Heart Healthy PizzaPublisher:

© 2012 by Mark Sutton. All rights reserved.
ISBN-13: 978-146998 1383
ISBN-10:  146998 1386
$19.99 USD
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Heart Healthy Pizza By Mark Sutton is a delightful new addition to the selection of vegan cook books. The forward was written by Howard Lyman, author of Mad Cowboy and No More Bull.

The thing we like best about Heart Healthy Pizza are the wonderfully different ideas for making heart healthy vegan pizza; things that we hadn't even thought of in our decades of creating healthful vegan recipes, and publishing them on our web site. There are creative pizza dough/crust recipes (many of them gluten-free), sauce recipes, non-cheese topping recipes, and delicious ways of combining them together.

We highly recommend this 1st vegan pizza cookbook. Especially since eating pizza is very popular, it is wonderful that now a large variety of delicious, nutritious pizzas can be made so easily!

From the Book:

“This book is dedicated to everyone who wants to design and create nutritious heart healthy pizzas for living longer, feeling stronger, and loving better.”

“All recipes were inspired from the 20+ years of peer-reviewed research by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., which demonstrates that a no-added oil plant-based diet can not only reverse heart disease, but in theory, prevent it.”

“Mark Sutton takes pizza to a new level of nutritional possibilities.  After reading Heart Healthy Pizza, NO one will be able to eat ANY OTHER pizza without a conscience.”

About the Author:

Mark worked at two pizza parlors out of High School and in College, and it was there that his initial interest in making pizza began.  Years later, he became vegetarian, and after watching a friend make pizzas at home for a dinner party, became refocused on learning to do the same himself in a non-restaurant environment.  After going vegan, Mark began exploring making totally plant-based pizzas.  During this period he came to the conclusion that a cookbook based on these recipes would help vegetarians kick the cheese need.