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Orange Grove Friends Meeting

Orange Grove Friends Meeting has been dealing with the animal concern in various ways since 1992, when the Animal Kinship Committee was formed. Besides being a committee of Orange Grove Meeting, we are also a registered nonprofit organization, Quaker Animal Kinship.

The committee sponsors the free monthly online journal THE PEACEABLE TABLE with over 800 subscribers and archives of all issues since it was launched in July 2004.

We usually have literature on the give-away shelf in the Meetinghouse and have placed material on the topic in the library. The atmosphere is very friendly to the animal concern. Meeting potlucks are usually vegetarian.

The Animal Kinship Committee meets on third Sundays at 1 PM at Kate Carpenter's house. We have a vegan potluck luncheon in a celebrative atmosphere, followed by discussion of business. All are welcome; some only come for the luncheon and fellowship.

Kate Carpenter
(626) 793-9989
[email protected]
Orange Grove Friends Meeting
520 E. Orange Grove Boulevard
Pasadena CA 91104
(626) 792-6223

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