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Christian Ministries for Animals and the People Who Care About Them



Georgia: Savannah - Health Minister South Eastern U.S

“Be you as harmless as doves.”

Envisioned are Christ-like interfaith vegan monastic communities of higher orders.

... more like heaven on earth ...

...cottages and gardens self sustainable...

Those interested in establishing  communities and neighborhoods with very affordable living near other vegan monastics, can make contact and begin finding areas to settle in, have cooperative businesses together, do those greater works in unison. Options are numerous for self-sustainability, cooperative businesses,  retreats from the slaughter for various species, sanctuaries, spiritual retreats, spiritual healing, and many other works could be done.

When we gather in Christ’s name, greater works can and do happen.

When we go out and be separate, we find other realms of service in Christ'.

Sisters and Brothers of all ages are encouraged to be vegan lay monastic in Christ, and share the message for the Holy Lamb!

Vegan in Christ is ... feeding the sheep, saving the sheep, and is as harmless as doves.

Sacred Heart of Christ  Love 

vegan is ...a big part of living the way each day

Health Minister South Eastern U.S.

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