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Fashion victims: Animal exploitation in the fashion industry

August 2023

Designers and fashion brands need to be encouraged to innovate and prioritise sustainability, as well as promise the end of animal exploitation for appearances and profit. It isnít enough to replace real fur with fake fur. Instead, we need to show that thereís a demand for sustainable, cruelty-free materials and for consuming less or reusing more.

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Fashion victims: Animal exploitation in the fashion industry

There are many reasons why the mainstream fashion industry is problematic. Use of resources, poor working conditions, pollution, and greenhouse gases are just some of the pressing concerns. But other animals pay the price of human fashions too. Indeed, fashion claims billions of non-human victims every single year.

How are other animals used within the fashion industry? What can we do as ethical consumers? What are the big issues?

Letís take a look.


  • Fur and skins
  • Fashion brands and their position on fur
  • Exotic skins
  • Leather
  • Wool
  • The environmental impact of wool
  • Wool from other animals
  • Down and feathers
  • Silk
  • Testing and ingredients
  • Overconsumption and waste
  • The future of fashion?


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