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Fur is for Furpersons

From Animal Rights Coalition / Cuddle Coats
October 2022

When Cuddle Coats receives an excess of fur donations, we send out boxes of fur to rehabilitation centers for domesticated animals, like these adorable feline benefactors.

Learn more at Cuddle Coats website.

kitten on fur

"Iím convinced that having the comfort of real fur when she was so weak and miserable helped her." Ronda Layne, Rehabber speaking about Chickadee, the younger kitten in the photos.

ARCís Cuddle Coats program is growing exponentially with more and more people donating furs and more and more wildlife rehabilitators clamoring for these furs to be used to comfort the orphaned wildlife in their care.

If you don't have fur items to donate to this program, you can still help us by making a financial donation to cover the costs of shipping fur items to wildlife rehabbers. Boxes of furs are shipped parcel post but because they are typically oversized and heavy it still costs quite a bit to mail them, and we don't want already financially strapped wildlife rehabbers to have to absorb the cost of shipment.

kitten on fur

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