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Consumers Oppose Feather Cruelty, but They're Being Misled by Fashion Brands

October 2023

While the fashion industry continues to move beyond fur toward feathers, due to the exploitation and destruction inherent to its use, it is using more feathers from wild birds.

Peacock feathers
Ripping out captive Peacocks' feathers... Getty image

As feathers from wild birds – both farmed and captured from their natural habitat – are increasingly used to replace fur, it’s important to understand the implications of this, and how citizen consumers feel about it.

While the fashion industry continues to move beyond fur, due to the exploitation and destruction inherent to its use, it is only using more feathers from wild birds.

As explored in our new report with World Animal Protection, ‘Feathers are the New Fur: Cruelty in Disguise’, this move is inconsistent. Both materials are derived from supply chains which needlessly exploit and kill animals specifically for fashion, despite more sustainable and just material alternatives being available.

In order to move the fashion industry towards policies which genuinely protect all wildlife and the planet we share, citizen consumer perceptions of feather use must be understood, and education initiatives must improve awareness of feather supply chain harms for citizens and industry alike.

According to our independently commissioned polling across Australia and the United Kingdom, an understanding of the immense cruelty involved in producing fashion with feathers from wild animals is very limited. At the same time, at a principle level, the vast majority of people maintain that it is not acceptable to farm and kill wild animals for clothing and accessories.

Positively, this may align with a potentially strong and growing recognition that wild animals are not objects for commercial exploitation, regardless of how an industry may operate.


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A dress trimmed with plant-based raffia, rather than feathers, made by Australian brand Aje

Posted on May 27, 2024
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