Did Jesus Eat Fish? (Luke 24:41-43)

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Did Jesus Eat Fish? (Luke 24:41-43)
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 28 Jan 2008

Dear Betsy:

We'll try to answer you questions.

Like you, we don't believe that Jesus ate any flesh.

From the standpoint of the original Gospel writers, we believe that they are all true; however as the Bible was being compiled and translated, there is evidence of 'political tampering'. And, since neither Luke or Paul were present when Jesus was offered something to eat after His resurrection, this passage about the fish could have been such an insertion, but there is no way to prove it one way or another. You also might want to look at: Luke 24:41-43

We need to look at the other things Jesus said and taught, and it certainly doesn't suggest that Jesus would cause any pain or suffering to befall any of God's creatures.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary