God's Hunters?

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God's Hunters?
Comments by Jerrold L. Terdiman - 31 Jan 2010

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Torah (Hebrew Bible) teaches that Animals and Humans are co-creations of G-D. As such animals have souls. They are beings and not things (commodities) to be used by Humans for any frivolous activity. Activities such as hunting and fishing do not meet the criteria of essential need unless they are critical for human survival. We Humans do not own animals to do with them as we please.

Torah is very explicit in defining how and in what manner we are to use animals. Anything outside these limitations constitute CRUELTY which is expressly forbidden.

Those who violate G-D's laws against cruelty (the infliction of unnecessary suffering on sentient creatures) constitutes a severe violation of Torah Law. Those who are guilty place themselves in great risk of the wellbeing of their immortal soul.

Jerrold L. Terdiman MD