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By Kathleen - 12 Jul 2014

In Reference to: Wild Rose (Rosa Rugosa) - Flowering Trees, Bushes and Shrubs of Sleepy Hollow Lake

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

That must be what we have.  We purchased our home from the son of a couple who were the original owners of our house and they have gigantic plants and extra thick grass throughout the yard.  I suspect Dorothy Gerkovich (the lady of the home originally) was something of a horticulturalist as the books she left the in the attic are of science and math.  We also enjoy two apple trees, two pear trees, two ash, an azalea, a redbud tree and a forsythia bush.

Thank you for your knowledge shared.

P.S.  How would one go Vegan if they were allergic to eggs and milk?


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