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By Janine - 21 Jan 2016

In Reference to: Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Dear Frank,

Many thanks for the dandelion education! Great sharing!! Lovely pictures, gorgeous flower --- am very fond of the dandelions... as children, when they matured, we used to puff and blow them off the stems, scattering them in all directions in the wind!

Don't have any lawns, but have lots of wild flowers and edible weeds, gorgeous sunny dandelion, are among them, and also eat malva ("zulu spinach") and lambs quarters and purslane, have you heard of those? In addition, love to look at the whole cycle of the flowers/plants, for example, when the sunflowers "go-to-seed" many birds peck on the sunflower seeds, which when sprouted can be planted to grow more bright yellow sunflower plants!



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