Wonder's Wonderful Life
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November 2021

Dien Bien police informed us that a tiny, traumatized cub had been confiscated from a wildlife trafficker at the Laos border. Wonder was saved from becoming an 'exotic pet' or possibly from a life of torture on a bear file farm.

confused Bear Wonder
Wonder trapped in cylinder wire cage - Dien Bien Rescue

I get the pleasure of telling you all about how your gorgeous little moon bear cub Wonder is getting on here at our Vietnam Sanctuary.

And, I get to thank you once more from the bottom of my heart, Veda, for being there when this terrified motherless cub needed you the most.

If you remember, back in mid-September we got a call from the Dien Bien police informing us that a tiny, traumatized cub had been confiscated from a wildlife trafficker at the Laos border.

The first glimpse we got of little Wonder broke our hearts. She looked so confused and afraid, trapped in a cylinder wire cage, only inches bigger than her body.

But thanks to your overwhelming compassion and the kindness of many who’ve supported us in the past, we were ready to spring into action to take her away from the danger and misery of life as a trafficked bear.

Watch Wonder's heartwarming journey from a life that hung delicately in the balance to a future filled with hope here at our sanctuary...

I dread to think what might have happened to this vulnerable bear, had you not heard her desperate cry for help.

She could have ended up as an exotic pet, forced to perform for human entertainment or thrust into a prison cell where her tender tummy would be pierced over and over again to extract her bile.

But thanks to you, never will she ever have to endure such horror. Instead, she will get to spend the rest of her life showered in your love and kindness here at our Vietnam Sanctuary.

Rescued Bear Wonder

She’ll be able to explore all of the natural behaviors that would have been taken from her... foraging, climbing, digging, building nests and so much more.

Not only to see how this beautiful bear is adjusting to her new surroundings after having lost the most important person in her life. But to be able to share with you how your vital support really does change lives.

Last week, Wonder finished her 45 day quarantine period and was upgraded to her very own den filled with climbing platforms, hanging toys, hammocks and tasty foods.

Wonder is full of energy and here she has ample space to do what she loves most… play.

In fact, she loves to play so much that she’ll choose to roll around in her food before remembering that she can eat it. But we’ve learned that she’ll slow down for some juicy pear, pumpkin and watermelon.

She has so much life ahead of her. Here, with your generous support, our expert bear care team will continue to work closely with Wonder to get her ready to go outside and to meet other bears. 

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