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Veda Stram - Camano Island, Washington, USA

Veda StramWhy would an atheist work for a Christian animal rights site?

The answer is simple: Animals have no religion and need all humans to work on their behalf, regardless of religious beliefs.

I am certain that in order to have a world that benefits all life on our planet, veganism is THE answer: a critical mass of humans must act as if every single thing they do has consequences for every other living being, everywhere in the world.

Since most people in the U.S. claim to be Christian, I am honored to work for a Christian vegan/animal rights site founded by a retired church pastor who believes that if people believe in God, they need to be asking themselves, ďIs this how God would want you to treat His creation?Ē

All-Creatures.org is a huge, archival vegan/animal rights site that provides articles, events, alerts, images, videos, stories, recipes, investigations, poetry (and more) for nonbelievers and believers to be inspired and educated to make huge differences for animals.

Whatever your religious beliefs or your anti-religion stance, please make use of this huge, archival vegan/animal rights website...ALL-CREATURES.ORG.

Share the site with your friends, family and coworkers who are believers and have not yet included ALL animals in their religious commitments!


In the spring of 1988 when she was 42, Veda saw a brochure about animals abused in drug addiction experiments. She went to a Last Chance for Animals meeting that night and has been an activist ever since. She went vegetarian within days and was vegan within months.

She volunteered with The Animals Voice Magazine, Last Chance for Animals (LCA), has been on the Boards of Orange County People for Animals (OCPA), Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN), Pigs Peace Sanctuary, was web manager for AnimalsVoice.com and administrative editor of The Animals Voice Magazine.

She created and has coordinated Newcomer Orientations at FARMís annual National Animal Rights Conferences to empower people new to animal abuse issues and new to the possibilities of animal rights and vegan activism. Please read Some Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was New to Activism (2016) and watch her introduction to a 2014 Newcomer Orientation.

She created a booklet What to Eat When You Donít Eat Animals: Menus to Inspire People Who Want to Live as if Life is Precious and wrote Veganism As a Side Dish to Your Activism and Institutionalized Animal Abuse versus Individuals Abusing Animals.

She has volunteered weekly at the vegan grocery store in Seattle owned by Pigs Peace Sanctuary (originally called Sidecar For Pigs Peace, now Vegan Haven) since 2006.

She has been employed by All-Creatures.org since July 2008 and posts animal rights/vegan articles, stories, poetry, alerts, and more on the all-creatures.org site as well as posting items on many of all-creatures.org Hosted Sites and she created the weekly All-Creatures.org newsletter in August of 2008.

She has been a Vice President-Director of United Poultry Concerns (UPC) since December 2012.

Watch Veda's two-minute video Sharing the Possibilities of Veganism.

She lives on stunningly gorgeous Camano Island, Washington, with three of the best feline roommates in the world, female Anya and males Bud and Joey.

Read about some of her former animal companions, Peaches the pigeon who died in 1998, cats Chloe who died in 2012 and Sams who died in 2013 and KayDee who died in 2017.

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