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Pastor Frank Discusses Write Your Pastor

Verse Reference: Deuteronomy 6:5

Unlimited Compassion includes empathy. Loving God includes every part of your being and loving the whole of Godís creation. It includes caring about all humans, all animals, and the environment, but sometimes we donít fully love. Thatís where empathy comes in. Empathy helps us have unconditional and unlimited love, but a lot of churches do NOT teach unconditional and/or unlimited love. They may say they teach unconditional love, often known as agape love, but by excluding creatures they are really teaching conditional and limited love.

Ask yourself - Do I seek to live by Godís heavenly will with unconditional love for all including all creatures? AND does my church teach this or is it teaching conditional or limited love? If your church is not teaching unconditional and unlimited love, consider writing your own Pastor(s) or start a letter writing campaign for local churches encouraging them to walk in and teach true unconditional and unlimited love for all of Godís creation - humans, creatures, and environment. Such love is what we are called to have. There are plenty of resources on All-Creatures.org to help you construct your thoughts or we could host a live zoom with Pastor Frank to ask him suggestions to construct your letters. Leave a comment if you would be interest in having a live zoom to help construct your letters. If there is interest, we will host a zoom about this.

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