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Promoting Plant-Based Nutrition is the Moral Imperative of the Medical Profession, plus Jaw-Dropping Data on Plant-Based Diets!

From Mike McGowan, PlantBasedDietsRock.com
February 2024

Wow! Kudos to the American Journal of Cardiology for their proclamation that promoting plant-based nutrition is the moral imperative of the medical profession.

plantbased diets rock

If we could just get most medical doctors to care enough to read the data themselves, and then share what they have learned with their patients. Please know that plant-based nutrition is the most powerful weapon we have to fight disease!

American Journal of Cardiology

“The typical Western diet, high in processed and animal-based foods, is nutritionally and ethically problematic. Beyond the well-documented cruelty to animals that characterizes the practices of the factory-farming industry, current patterns of meat consumption contribute to medical and moral harm in humans on both an individual level and a public health scale. We aim to deconstruct, by highlighting their fallacies, the common positive and normative arguments that are used to defend current nutritional patterns.

Animal-based foods promote the mechanisms that underlie chronic cardiometabolic disease, whereas whole-food plant-based nutrition can reverse them. Factory farming of animals also contributes to climate change, antibiotic resistance, and the spread of infectious diseases. Finally, the current allocation of nutritional resources in the United States is unjust. A societal shift toward more whole-food plant-based patterns of eating stands to provide significant health benefits and ethical advantages, and the medical profession has a duty to advocate accordingly. Although it remains important for individuals to make better food choices to promote their own health, personal responsibility is predicated on sound advice and on resource equity, including the availability of healthy options. Nutrition equity is a moral imperative and should be a top priority in the promotion of public health.”

I routinely give presentations on the power of plant-based nutrition, and I have noticed that it sometimes seems too good to be true for a few of the attendees. They rightfully ask why, if plant based diets can prevent and even reverse chronic disease, this information isn’t shouted from rooftops by medical doctors, healthcare professionals, and government officials? Well, firstly, and as usual, just follow the money.

One of the big reasons why most doctors don’t prescribe plant-based diets is because most doctors don’t know anything about nutrition. Over 80% of medical schools in the United States don’t offer a single required course in nutrition. How so? There is zero financial incentive for the medical profession and the “healthcare” industry to share the scientific data of plant-based nutrition with students and the general population. Uncoincidentally, most doctors don’t prescribe a plant-based diet either for the very same reason (even though it is not just the only diet, but the only proven way to reverse heart disease, early stage prostate cancer, and type 2 diabetes). Plant-based diets are not profitable, and are therefore unjustifiable for industries/individuals who are most interested in maximizing profits. In the broken US “healthcare” system, healthy people are not good for business. As I have shared in other posts, if a doctor recommends a healthy vegan diet to his or her patients, it would mean fewer return visits, treatments, surgeries, hospital stays, and other medical procedures (the patient would also most likely have no need for medication, while her life expectancy would increase by about 12-14 years). In other words, the grotesque money train of our so-called healthcare system would come to a screeching halt, if people ate a plant-based diet and suddenly became healthy.

And such a scenario of course, is completely unacceptable to our healthcare/sick-care industry, and those who make a fortune from our violent animal based food system, and the resulting management of disease approach (you gotta love capitalism!). But beyond that, I am also convinced that most medical doctors don’t care enough to do the right thing. I could be wrong but at this point, what is the excuse for medical professionals to continue to ignore the power of plant-based nutrition, or choose to remain ignorant on the subject? I still believe that most people are good, but when does the greed and insanity stop?

Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE.


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