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Junk Mail, Junk Science, and Eggs - 16 Jan 2006

What’s the connection between junk mail, junk science, and eggs you ask?

Well, a few days ago we got yet another so-called “health letter” solicitation full of sensationalism and undocumented claims geared toward those who are gullible. It appeals to those who want some “authority” to tell them, in effect, “Go ahead; it’s good to indulge yourself with ‘forbidden food.’ Don’t listen to ‘the food police’!” It’s like saying, “Don’t listen to documented, established facts! Don’t listen to the truth!”

This particular solicitation from “Doctor’s Health Press” claims that eating eggs prevents heart disease. When I read that, I thought of my mother who refused to eat any eggs and died at age 103, and who expected to live much longer. I’m sure she would have, had it not been for an accident. She was sharp mentally and had a remarkable memory, both short term and long term. Her voice was strong until the end. She had no wrinkles or brown spots that so many older people have. She used no cosmetics or creams and never had cosmetic surgery. As a matter of fact, the funeral director remarked to us that he had never seen an older person with such flawless skin.

All I can say is that competition must be really fierce among the purveyors of these slick “health letters.” I could almost say their efforts to attract suckers by trying to out-sensationalize each other are amusing. However, the damage they do is no laughing matter. Was it P. T. Barnum who said something to the effect that a sucker is born every minute?

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