Heal our Planet Earth


Heal Our Planet Earth



Urban India Educational Outreach






If you want to know what "royal treatment" and "undivided attention" means, go to India.




This ceremony makes one feel honoured (not one, not two, but three gorgeous ladies!!!),




and humbled (a lovely way to make me bow),




and overwhelmed (only in India would an environmentalist be mobbed like a rock star),




and heard (with intense attention).




Communication with children transcends language.




Fire in the tiger's belly.




Ping!  A pin dropped.




Winning hearts and minds, a thousand at a time.




An all-women faculty.  Lucky me.







Instant formation of new Tiger Club.




New Tiger Club members and honorary advisor..




How many of you want to save the tiger?




Not a cockroach surrounded by ants, but probably the only tiger presentation in a Sikh school in history.




Submissions to Tiger Art Contest in high school.





A free art program was offered  to the contest winners. 

Here are the results.












They have the talent.

Give them the tools

and they will perform

their very own miracles.









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