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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Activist angers hunters with campaign to outlaw bear hunt through referendum

The Vancouver Sun                                

by Larry Pynn


Anthony Marr is on almost every hunter’s hit list for his efforts to get bear hunting banned in BC… Marr has just completed a seven-week-tour of more than 50 BC communities… It hasn’t been easy for Marr, who has been dogged by hunters equally determined to kill his campaign before it gets off the ground… ‘I know some gung fu, but I can take on only one unarmed hunter at a time,’ he says with a smile…


“Deep down inside, it's a moral issue,” says Marr, who estimates that at least 90 per cent of hunters shoot bears for the trophy and that 65 per cent actually come from urban areas.


“It's immoral to kill for entertainment.  And abominable that adult teach their children to kill for fun.”...


The BC Wildlife Federation has set aside $40,000 so far to counter the environmentalists.  The hunter lobby will place ads, and attempt to shadow petition canvassers as they make their way door to door...


“We have a moral obligation to lead the world,” he said.  "I feel it will get much worse before, and if, it gets better.”...


Marr... was born in China in 1944 and fled to Hong Kong with his family during the Communist revolution in 1949.  He moved to Canada in 1965, first to Winnipeg and then to Vancouver, eventually receiving his bachelor of science degree from the University of BC.


He... worked as a geophysicist in the northern wilderness for mineral exploration companies - 'that's when I became bonded with nature' - before joining WCWC as a campaigner last year...

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