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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Shooting to ban bear hunting

The Trail Times        

by Lana Rodlie


Anthony Marr knows his chances of getting a provincial referendum on banning bear hunting is about as probable as a snowflake’s chance on a hotplate, but he’s trudging along getting signatures anyway… “Every observer says we can’t do it,” Marr said… While touring the province… he has been scorned, yelled at, intimidated, threatened and slandered.


In Penticton, 50 hunters showed up to disrupt a meeting… More hunters overran a similar meeting in Prince George and in Kamloops.


In Campbell River, he was told by one hunter that he saw Marr on TV, and the price on Marr’s head “just went up $10,000”, and another cited Marr’s Chinese Canadian heritage as “doing damage to our culture”. In Port Alberni, 60 hunters…


Marr doesn’t care if he is up against insurmountable odds, he still hopes to get his message out… One of the most frequently asked questions by hunters is why they are being persecuted when the real culprits are poachers. Marr said that they are both culprits, and the difference between a hunter and a poacher is irrelevant if you’re a bear.


When told that hunters could help by watching for poachers, Marr said that was like “wolves keeping coyotes from sheep.”…

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